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Professional manufacturer of engineering fasteners with long production chain, wide standard coverage, variety of materials and applicable for complex environment.
Shaoxing Sunny High Strength Fasteners Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of engineering fasteners with designing, manufacturing and testing capability, the company also has its own import and export licence. Established in October 2004, it was   registered with 30million RMB as capital, and has 16500m2 production area, 150 employees of which 35 people are professional and technical personnel. Its main products are high-strength fasteners used in working condition of high pressure, high temperature, low temperature or environment with corrosion .The dimensions can range from M3 to M150(1/16"-6") .Its products standards cover Chinese national standard (GB), American standards (ANSI/ASTM),Germany standard (DIN), Japanese standard (JIS),nuclear standards (RCC-M, ASME NQA-1-1994), oil industry standards(SH&SHJ), chemical standards(HG,H); power standard (GD),mechanical standard (JB) as well as non-standard requirements from customers. These products are widely used in nuclear power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, pressure vessel, mechanical and  military industries. 
Professional ERP software, complete traceable system of products and ensured adaption to different quality assurance system.
Quality is the basis for a company's survival.  Sunny Fasteners has certified with ISO9001:2008 quality management system,environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system. It is  approved by State Bureau of quality and technical supervision for manufacturing of pressure piping components.  Also it has get the certification of qualified supplier for China Nuclear Group approved by Xingyuan Authentication Center. It has established the quality assurance system  according to HAF003, ASME NQA-1 and NCA-3800. This system has been operated for more than ten years and has been quite mature. Aiming at the characteristics of engineering fasteners in nuclear power plant, such as miscellaneous varieties, various specifications, wide materials range and high requirements, it can ensure the full traceability and control in production according to the heat number of raw materials.
Participation in international standard-setting and dedicated APS lean manufacturing management software which is leading in industry 
Since year 2012 in Sydney and year 2013 in Paris, as a member of the delegation     of China National standardization Committee,Sunny participated standard-setting of ISO/TC2 for fasteners.And in the following 6 years it participated in the meeting of both national and international standard setting. It was identified as high-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province by Science and Technology Agency of Zhejiang Province in December 2009. In order to further improve quality and management, by cooperating with Zhejiang University ,we developed fastener production-specific software -- Shaoxing Sunny lean production system project which was approved by Shaoxing County Science and Technology Bureau on April 30, 2010. As a main drafting unit, Sunny officially issued the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" standard of "Bolts and Studs (Nuclear Grade) for pressurized water reactor in nuclear power plants" on November 15, 2018.
Complete production equipment, complete detection means, adequate inventory support and ensured flexible production system.
Sunny has a complete set of production equipment for fasteners from raw material to finished bolts and nuts. It has complete detection means such as chemical elements analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical testing like high temperature tensile test at 350 ℃,low temperature impact test at -110 ℃, magnetic particle test, penetrate test, ultrasonic flaw detection, visual inspection etc.. Especially we have the domestic top ranking  technology and facilities for fasteners’ heat forging to make the forged Hexagon bolt with dimension M3-M150 and lengths from 6mm to 6000mm.  As a professional manufacturer of engineering fasteners, its flexible production system can promptly meet different requirements from different project stages of delivery and engineering used with different devices and in different environment, particularly for supplemental orders or design changing at later stage from large nuclear plant, chemical industry projects. Its warehouse has thousands of tons of raw material such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, as well as a variety of rare raw materials and finished products to meet needs of customers.
Leading performance for nuclear power plant projects and excellent quality of delivery.
The following are our main customers of fasteners for nuclear power plants currently: State Nuclear Engineering Company, China Nuclear Power Engineering Company, China Guangdong Nuclear Engineering Company Limited,Southern Nuclear-engineering Company, Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Company and so on. We can fully adapt to the characteristics of nuclear power fastener like wide variety of raw material, high quality, traceability of production and documents with high requirement. During the cooperation with nuclear power supporting enterprises, our products, product’s documents and delivery time have been well received by the owners. In particular, since July 2015, the company has endured 4 months long inspection of nuclear power fasteners. All quality documents and original records from 2008 to 2015 have been examined, and all nuclear power customer units have approved the evaluation of the company's quality assurance system, personnel qualification and production capacity. At present, we are participating the following nuclear power projects: the pipeline system and equipment fasteners of No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 units of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., and the pipeline system and equipment fasteners of No. 5 and 6 units of Tianwan.AP1000 Project piping system and equipment fasteners, CAP1400 personnel gate and equipment gate fasteners. In March 2019, we win the bid for nuclear grade fastener of the demonstration project of the National Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. Sunny takes manufacturing of nuclear grade fasteners as its key development direction. With rich product categories, flexible production system, complete production testing equipment and continuous improvement of quality assurance system, Sunny focuses on providing packaging services for large-scale petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, power, nuclear power installation, pressure vessel and other high-end engineering companies in both domestic and foreign market.
To continuously improve the quality management system, refine product quality, improve quality assurance documentation traceability closed-loop management, so that to meet customer needs is the company's eternal pursuit. All Sunny’s efforts are committed to build a first-class engineering fastener brand.

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