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Nuclear power

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Nuclear power

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Juli Sling

Co., Ltd.

Lingao Phase II Nuclear Power Station, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station, Fasteners for Ningde Nuclear Power Station Sling Click the picture Bolt & Hex Nuts | By Picture | 35CrMoA&42CrMo&45# May 2011
2 Shenzhen China Nuclear 23nd South Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station & Non-nuclear Fasteners Stud & Hex Socket Bolts & Hex Nuts & Gaskets | GB901&GB5782&GB953&GB6170&GB854|42CrMoE&45#&8.8 &0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb&1Cr13&0Cr18Ni9 June 2013
3 China Nuclear Industry Second Construction Company Shenzhen Branch Fasteners for the installation of Nuclear Island Phase II at Lingao Nuclear Power Station Hexagonal Bolts & Hex Nut & Gasket |GB901&GB5782&GB953&GB6170&GB854|42CrMoE&35#&8.8 &0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb&1Cr13&0Cr18Ni9 August 2010
4 Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. AP1000 Haiyang, Sanmen Nuclear Power & Non-nuclear Fasteners Fully-Threaded Studs & Hex Socket Bolts & Hex Nuts & Washers & Non-Standard Bolts | ASME B18.31.2/B18.2.1/B18.2.2/B18.22.1|SA193 Gr.B7&SA194 Gr.2H&F436& SA354 BD&SA540 B23CL2 June 2013
5 China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Nuclear Fasteners for Pipes No. 5 and No. 6 for Extension Project of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Fully-Threaded Stud & Hex Socket Bolt & Hex Nut |GB901&GB5782&GB6170|X6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2,X12Cr13,42CrMo4,C45E Executing
6 National Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. AP1000 Sanmen and Fasteners for Nuclear System of Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant Fully threaded stud with heavy duty hex nut with gasket |ASME B18.31.2/B18.2.2/B18.22.1 SA193 Gr.B7&SA194 Gr.2H&F436 April 2013





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